5 Ways to Create a Better Home Office

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Let’s be truthful, have you got an office space in your BARBADOS REAL ESTATE? Not the type of home office that you have attractive furniture in, yet you only use it to store books. I am talking about the type of office at home you need to be productive in. Whether it’s your main place for working, you use it for paying bills, using the computer, etc… Your home office should somewhere you can be productive and feel good in whenever go into it, and then leave it! If you don’t feel that your home office is what it should be here are 5 tips to make the space more productive:

DECLUTTER: Create a list. Which items stored in the office are used regularly? What items have just been sitting there for weeks, months or even years without being used?! Before moving onto the next step – de-clutter. Figure out what office supplies you will need and give all others away or use in another room if you can.

CLEAN: This tip is vital for just about any room you spend time in. when your environment is clean, so is your mind which will allow you to become more creative and productive. If there is trash, old newspapers, magazines or old paperwork cluttering up your desk, throw it out.

PRIORITIZE: Decide which items can be used for activity in the office. If you have a television in your office and it distracts you from the purpose of being in there, take it out. Kid’s toys and other such items shouldn’t be in your office space. When you start using the space for more than work, it is likely that you will perform that activity before you work.

ORGANIZE: As you have completed the first couple of tips, its now time to organize your remaining space. Divide your office into zones. 1 – Storage: Things that can go into a closet, for example office supplies, reference materials that are rarely used. 2 – Desk Products: Only the bare essentials should be on your desk, pens/pens, computer, staple remover and tape. Anything should be put away in a desk drawer to avoid an untidy desk. 3 – Display: For books, and magazines use organizers designed for bookshelves. These organizers can group them together, and be easy to reach. A couple of pictures and souvenirs may be used to personalize your office space.

LIGHT: If the room you are setting up your home office in is dark, figure out why. Open windows, buy different drapes, or fit light fittings which will brighten your office. When you can see clearly, you are likely to stay in the space for longer and be more productive. Ensure there is a good temperature and ventilation. If you are too hot or cold, you will want to leave the office quickly.

Your office at home should be as comfortable as your living room. Productivity will be achieved when you are relaxed and organized, and want to stay in the space. Doing office work isn’t always enjoyable, however, you can make your office more enjoyable right?

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