Baugher’s Bay Basketball Court Being Upgraded

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Over the next two weeks, Baugher’s Bay locals will have a renovated basketball court as works to resurface the court are being undertaken.
Work began last Sunday, and are expected to be completed by September 25th, when the court will be reopened.
Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines said, ‘It means a lot to the locals because they have been getting some injuries on the court for the longest while, with I guess how it was done originally. So for quite a while they have been asking to have the entire court resurfaced.”
‘ You know we started the Sixth District basketball tournament, but we could not play in Baugher’s Bay because of seating, poor lighting and so on; so this year it will be held there. They started on Sunday, scrubbing the court to prepare it. “ she continued.
Hon. Maduro-Caines said she approached Premier Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith for assistance to renovate the court for the youth living on the island and for those who come out regularly for their BVI VACATION and ‘he gladly did’ with monies from his special funds.

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