Home Staging Dos and Don’ts

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When you have made the decision to place your British Virgin Islands Home onto the market, home staging is a critical part of the sale process because if you wish to make the most money from your home and get a quick sale, you will need potential buyers to feel its a hot property. These 20 top tips will help you understand what the main dos and don’ts are for successful home staging.


1.Set your listing cost by using area comparables

2.Put personal collections away somewhere safe.

3.Give your home a fresh coat of paint.

4.Clean windows and open curtains.

5.Fix all running toilets, or risk flushing profits down the drain

6.Remember that outdoors is just as important as indoors so prepare your entire living space to the same high standard

7.Visit model homes to see how they look and feel, and incorporate these aspects into your home

8.Grind a lemon inside the waste disposal, this will smell great for when potential buyers are visiting

9.Display fresh flowers, fake plastic flowers do not give off the right impression

10.Keep your day job, hire an expert and assist them in what they do best


1. Tell yourself that the higher the asking price, the more options you will have when negotiating – You could end up idle on the market.

2. Leave obstacles like bikes and scooters laying around in the front yard

3. Do any major renovations

4. Use scented air fresheners, instead dot fresh flowers around your home

5. Leave personal paperwork laying around

6. Think the house will sell itself, your home needs look the best to sell

7. Clean up by putting everything in the closets

8. Leave incomplete DIY jobs

9. Be scared to ask for help, there are many professionals who can assist with staging

10. Allow pets to greet the visitors at the door

Does your house look like a show home yet? It is always best to look at your home as if you were a highly critical buyer. Home staging properly is very important especially in a difficult market when potential buyers feel it necessary to offer below the asking price. When you present your home in the best way possible it will strengthen your position as a seller when negotiating price.

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