Meet BVI: our Flag, Bird

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The British Virgin Islands flag is a famous symbol of British pride. As the British Virgin Islands is the overseas territory of Britain, the Union Jack makes its proud presence in the flag, which has a blue background with the British flag in the left corner and the coat of arms just opposite to it. The coat of arms present on the British Virgin Islands flag has an image of Saint Ursula with twelve lamps surrounding it. The name of the national symbol is ‘vigilate’ which in Latin means ‘be watchful’. The official flag was effective from the year 1956. (Resource:

National Bird
The national bird of the BVI is the Mourning Dove, or zenaida macroura.Mourning doves live from southern Canada, throughout the United States, and south to Panama. They are are highly adaptable birds and are found in a wide variety of habitats. They are more common in open woodlands and forest edges near grasslands and fields. Males are larger than females and are slightly brighter in color, males have a bluish crown and a rosy breast.

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